ANLAS is a tire company focused on innovation, with decades of acquired experience and advances in tire and rubber technologies.

ANLAS is engaged in manufacturing and marketing of tires in rich variety, designed to meet the highest performance requirements and produced with optimized quality, for the markets of Europe and Turkey.

ANLAS is specialized in production of tires for Motorcycles and Scooters as well as for Go-Carts, All-Terrain Vehicles, Golf Carts and for other special purpose vehicles.

Additionally, ANLAS is producing Farm Front and Implement tires, flaps, curing bladders for tires and for Air-spring manufacturers, and other intermediate and finished rubber goods.

ANLAS is dedicated to custom designing and development of specialty tires to fit the intended uses and has the competitive advantage of carrying out boutique-like production to match all requests promptly.

ANLAS Spirit and passion for excellence embrace all of our people, owners, managers, employees, workers, suppliers, dealers and distributors.

We all strive to satisfy our customers with superior products providing riding safety, comfort and pleasure. We are committed to be fast and flexible in fulfilling their needs.

We are guided by our commitments to the community, to the environment and to our stakeholders. We aim long term growth, profitability and success of our brand, in response to the vision of our founders, to be reputed as:




ANLAS started business in the late 1960’s and decided to invest for local production of tires 1970’s in Turkey and production started in 1976.


ANLAS has competent technical and production teams, with background and experience acquired through extensive work in the industry. They are all trained in rubber and tires through a company culture existing for forty years.

ANLAS has a very devoted sales team who cover all markets, working very close to the dealers and customers. Sales people are also technically capable, hence constantly supplying feedback from the field about quality and performance.

ANLAS has a large number of dealers scattered all around Turkey, where the market share is sixty percent, working since many years with dedication and faith in the future of the company.


 The premises of ANLAS are located at Duzce, an industrial town located half-way on the Istanbul – Ankara, at the crossing of Trans European Motorway and the National Highway.

The total territory owned by ANLAS is 100,000+ square meters flat land, available for any expansion or original development. The present plant in steel construction and the auxiliary buildings occupy a closed and covered area of 13,000 square meters.

The premises house as well Laboratories for chemical and physical testing of materials and compounds, and a Tire Test Center, for developmental and quality assurance testing of finished products.